Government of The State of Eritrea and IFAD Agree to New Integrated Agricultural Development Programme.

The Government of the state of Eritrea (GoSE), working closely with its development partners has maintained its commitment to boost agricultural productivity to create jobs, achieve food security and transformation of the rural economy. The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented invasion of the desert locust last year in the region has had significant negative impact on global food supply chains, production and productivity, and livelihoods. 

Integrated Agriculture Development Project (IADP)-In the context of these challenges, the Government of the State of Eritrea (GoSE) requested the International Federation for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to support the Integrated Agriculture Development Project (IADP), as a follow-up investment to the National Agriculture Project (NAP) to consolidate and scale up its achievements. The IADP is aligned to the draft Eritrea National Agriculture Development Strategy and Policy (2019). In addition, the concept of IADP is based on the Country’s Small and Medium Commercial Farmers Strategy (SMCFS) (May 2019). 

Project Goal and Objective– IADP seeks to address challenges to increasing agricultural production and productivity and enhancing rural livelihoods and food and nutrition security including: i) improving access to productive assets, appropriate technologies and support services, ii) facilitating off farm employment; iii) improved management of natural resources; iv) strengthening rural productive infrastructure; and v) enhancing community empowerment and participatory development approaches.

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