SSG Launch Report
SSG Business Plan Summary [EN]
SSG Business Plan Summary [FR]

A practical manual for setting up and managing a private seed company in Africa

The African Seed Company Toolbox
La boite a outils des entreprises semencieres Africaines

County Chapters

Angola [EN]
Angola [PORT]
Benin [EN]
Benin [FR]
Burundi [EN]
Burundi [FR]
Chad [EN]
Chad [FR]
Congo Republic [FR]
Congo Republic [EN]
Cote d’Ivoire [EN]
Cote d’Ivoire [FR]
DR Congo [FR]
DR Congo [EN]
Guinea [EN]
Guinea [FR]
Madagascar [FR]
Madagascar [EN]
Niger [FR]
Niger [EN]
Senegal [FR]
Senegal [EN]
Sierra Leone [EN]
Eritrea [EN]
Togo [FR]
Togo [EN]