Abdihamid Salad Hassan

SSG- Country coordinator-Somalia

Abdihamid holds a Bachelor’s of science degree in Agricultural Science from Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan with excellent grade in Plant protection department and a Master’s of Science degree in Entomology from University of Gezira, Sudan. He has 7 years professional work experience in the agricultural sector in Somalia having served as a farm manager, university lecturer, consultant in governmental institutions, manager of private agribusiness companies as well as International NGOs including GIZ, World Vision and FAO under Ministry of Agriculture and irrigation(MOAI) in Somalia. Abdihamid has contributed to the development of agricultural institutions, research and seed propagation centers during his service at Wad Medani-Sudan crop development department in focusing on research in onion, tomato and eggplant. He has also served as a consultant on seed production activities and supporting farmers to access quality improved crop varieties through enhancing research centers, capacitating seed producers and agribusinesses in Somalia.

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