Christophe ASANZI, Ph.D.

Regional Coordinator Great Lakes

Christophe is a seed systems specialist who started his career as a research assistant at the National Maize Program (PNM) and progressed to lead the program. After obtaining his Masters and PhD degrees, he joined World Vision International with which he worked for two decades, managing, coordinating and supervising several agricultural emergency and developmental programs/projects in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Angola. In fact, he contributed to the development of new and improved technologies of various staple food crops in these countries. He returned to DRC in 2012 and joined l’ Universite Pedagogique Nationale (UPN) as an Associate Professor and then Professor, where he has been teaching agricultural sciences; by doing so, he has participated in the training of dozens of young Congolese. Recently, he had to coordinate a Seed Systems Development Project in the eastern part of DR Congo. This project, which was supported by Howard Buffett was implemented by AGRA. Under this project, several crop varieties in collaboration with the National Institute for Studies and Agronomic Research (INERA) were developed and registered; a dozen of young researchers from INERA and Universities, was trained at the master’s level; and three local seed companies were initiated and supported and saw their capacities strengthened. Lately he has collaborated with TASAI in conducting the surveys on DRC seed systems in order to determine their status, compared to other African countries. In 2019, under the supervision and support of Seed Systems Group (SSG), he conducted a baseline study of the DRC agricultural sector, which has just been updated in 2022 using the SeedSAT tool by SSG and himself, with the financial support from AGRA. As a result, a report describing DRC Seed Systems has been written and the financial plan for its development elaborated.

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